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The cost is much less than if you get into your car, travel to the store, purchase your products, then travel home.  It takes far less time to order online than that trip to the store.  So you are really not only saving money, but you are saving time – and who has extra time or money nowadays? Now is the time to buy e liquid online.  There are far more flavors and flavor combinations than ever before.  You can select your favorite flavor.  Choose from nicotine or non-nicotine.  Other choices to make are amount of vapor, throat hit, and sweetness.  Then there is another choice – what size to buy.

If you choose to mix your own, you can buy e-liquid online in many sizes, flavors, etc.  Flavors available are apple, cherry, blueberry, vanilla, menthol, coffee, energy drink flavors, nutmeg, hot chocolate, butter rum, plain chocolate, cinnamon, champagne, green tea…OK really, just about any flavor you can imagine!  You also get to choose whether you want PG or VG or a mix.  Sizes range in bottles from 7.5 ml to 50 ml.  Most companies also sell the supplies needed to mix your own at home.

What is PG and VG?
PG and VG offer different benefits and characteristics.  PG (USP Grade Propylene Glycol) produces a stronger flavor and gives a better throat hit.  Usually PG is purchased in a 70% PG mix.  It can be used for thinning down standard e juice flavors.  Nicotine can be added to the mix.  Something to think about is that PG can trigger allergies in some people.

VG (USP Grade Vegetable Glycol) produces more vapor than PG.  Usually VG is purchased in a 30% VG mix.  It tends to be thicker and should be thinned down with other e juice flavors.  It too, can be mixed to include nicotine.  The greatest benefit to e cig vapers is that if you have a PG allergy, you should be fine using VG.

When you buy e liquid online, you can create your own custom blends.  Normally, e cigarette vapers use a combination of PG and VG liquid mix to balance sweetness with a solid throat hit.  You can customize your e liquid with a combination of flavors, PG/VG, nicotine or non-nicotine, and other combinations for your perfect e liquid.   An added benefit when you buy e liquid online is the company you purchase from will more than likely save your mix for your future purchasing ease.

Buy e liquid online – save time and money.  Get the perfect blend or create your own.  A wide range of flavors are available – from over 100 to choose.  You can even create your own mix of flavors – how about hot chocolate and mint?  Choose whether your blend has nicotine or not.  Choose PG or VG or a combination of PG/VG.  It is fast and easy to buy e liquid online.

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