Maple Cream Cookie

The cookie consists of a shortbread sugar cookie kinda on the vanilla side with a wicked Maple syrup cream in the middle. This cookie is a real treat and I have created an e-liquid that tastes almost spot on! 

Mothers Milk Clone

It’s a perfect clone recipe of the original Suicide Bunny e-liquid. Blend to Your taste. When trying for a 1 to 1 clone quite often you’ll find something you like better.

Creamy Cheesecake – 6mg

This one was excellent! It really reminded me of fresh baked cheesecake coming out of the oven

Maple Cream Cookie

  In a 6 ml bottle add: 5 ml of pre made nic juice in your preferred mg strength 6 drops FlavourArt Maple 6 drops of Perfumers Apprentice Bavarian Creme – or- Capella’s Vanilla Custard 3 drops of FlavourArt Cookie 3 drops of Perfumer’s Apprentice Sweetener (used regular dropper. If you use PA’s dropper, use […]

Coffee Cream DIY E Liquid Recipe

This is a really delish creamy nutty caramel style vape that I’m enjoying very much!

PB ‘n’ J DIY E Liquid Recipe

As with many of our sweet e liquid recipes, we consider this flavor to be better suited to 30 watts and above.

Caramel Peanut Fudge

Caramello is a sweet & creamy caramel custard flavor with nutty undertones.

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