Banana Nut Bread

* Drop calculation assumes 20 drops = 1ml. This may not be perfectly accurate. Just use caution and common sense.

A Berry Grape Gum

Flavor note: sweet bubble gum- tangy fruit burst of a grape- faint hints of blueberries on exhale through the nose.

Juicy Fruit

lovely caramel tobacco e liquid -aste like bubble gum..

Tutti Fruity Fireball V2

A fruity explosion of strawberry, pineapple & banana.
These Cloud Chasing High VG E-liquids from V-juice are perfect for sub ohm set-ups, mods and dippers. With loads of flavors to choose from in our high VG cloud chasing range, we have something for every cloud chaser out there.

Cherry Licorice Twist – 18mg

This flavor favorite will make you remember your family trips to the movie theater with popcorn and that infamous package of licorice balanced on your lap. Best thing about this tasty ejuice: it won’t get stuck in your teeth like that chewy, sugary snack.

Mothers Milk Clone

It’s a perfect clone recipe of the original Suicide Bunny e-liquid. Blend to Your taste. When trying for a 1 to 1 clone quite often you’ll find something you like better.

Banana Nut Bread E Liquid

Very bready/cookie like with a delicious baked banana flavor. The nuts pair excellently with HS banana and adding just a bit of LA banana cream just slightly sweetens the banana and the rest of the vape. This definitely needs about a week to fully come together but if you are looking for something that is not creamy/super fruity try this one.


Very tasty juice! Made a 120Ml bottle recently and already out. Time to make another batch! Thanks for the recipe!

Mom’s Best: Galliano Cake

sweet to taste- not too much, you’ve got the icing in it.

Sweet Fruit Mix E Liquid Recipe

I have been having the hardest time getting a decent peach vape recipe.
Hopefully this will set me on the right track.

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