This is for all the people [like me] who like to lick the cake batter off the beaters. Tastes just like Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Golden batter, in a nice 3ml batch so as not to waste anything.This is for all the people [like me] who like to lick the cake batter off the beaters. Try the mild sweet flavor of Yellow Cake for a relaxing all-day vape, or mix it with fruit, cream, spice, or liquor flavors in very own DIY e-liquid recipe

Recommended Pairings & Percentages:
Solo, mixing at 6-7% is recommended. Again though, this is not a standalone flavoring which is a shame. You can try and bring out that “batter” by adding custards and creams and there I would recommend mixing at 4-5% with CAP or FA Custards around 2% and TFA Vanilla Swirl around 2% as well. Bringing out the cake aspect you can mix CAP Vanilla Cupcake at 4% with it at 4% and maybe you can have something to work with. Though I recommend just doing away with it. Nothing but trouble and wasted ingredients come with trying to make this flavoring work. Pairing this ingredient is quite easy, just think in terms of dairy or cake. Say you need to add some cakey body but don’t want to “fluff” up any type of creams or fruits, then Cake Batter is a good choice to use. Adding with other cakes to further “sell” the flavor is also recommended. A touch of Cake Batter will really help other cake ingredients that lack that authentic cake note. Also, using this with nuts is an option as well. Pistachio and Almond would be great choices, and thinking about turning them into a pre-made cookie will give you an idea of the flavor it’ll give.

Flavor Profile:
Cake Batter doesn’t come to mind with this flavor. It’s close to TFA’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, where the vanilla isn’t really prominent and the cream is kind of heavy. This Cake Batter flavor is also not sweet, where as real cake batter has that inherent sweetness that comes from the white sugar added. The sweetness is there, just not enough to really establish itself. The cake aspect does come through after a long steep. It’s not so much fluffy as it is malty and thick, something cake batter should taste like. The issue is that “plastic / waxy” flavor that may or may not be attributed to butyric acid. It’s so strong that it makes it very difficult to taste any subtle flavors from fruits or bakeries you may be pairing with. Lastly, there is absolutely no egg or custard with this flavoring which is much needed in a flavor that relies so heavily on that rich profile. In all, you will be absolutely disappointed with this flavoring.

Vape Experience:
The vape is not good as well. That waxiness is very prominent at high temps and when your wicks are fully saturated. This leads to a very chalky and very poor vape experience. Just skip this flavoring, honestly. It’s not worth the money and there are much better options and ways to get that cake batter flavor.
Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

10% Cappela’s Vanilla Custard
6% Cappela’s Caramel