The e liquid is carefully blended to recreate the flavor of this famous tipple, that when consumed loses you 2 days before waking up naked in a bush in Crawly.Absinthe is a highly alcoholic distilled liquor containing the herbal flavor of wormwood, anise, & sweet fennel (among other herbs), popular in France & continental Europe in the late 18th &  early 19th centuries. Because it tended to be colored green, contemporary accounts often referred to absinthe as “la fee verte” (French for “the green fairy”).

Absinthe is sure to keep your creative juices flowing all day long. Be careful, though, because if you do actually see fairies flying about it has nothing to do with this flavor!

Author Notes:

I was actually trying (and still am trying) to make a Chartreuse e-liquid and ended up with what tastes like a nice French Absinthe.

Once I realized it tasted more like absinthe than Chartreuse, I poured myself a glass of Absinthe to compare the flavor. My first batch was made without the french pipe liquid or the coffee flavor but something was missing. Not quite bitter enough. After adding french pipe and ONE drop of Keoke Coffee it was damn near perfect. Then I added the drop of Orange Cream which really helped round out the flavor. Very complex taste just like the real thing.

Your atty will taste like Absinthe for a very long time. Try it in a cartomizer first to see if you like it. I love this flavor, so I’ve dedicated a 510 atty to it.