Banana Nut Bread

* Drop calculation assumes 20 drops = 1ml. This may not be perfectly accurate. Just use caution and common sense.

Absinthe n Coconut

It is a slightly sweet very agreeable mix at about 27mg

Choco Mints E-Juice Recipe

Nicotine can have toxic effects if it contacts the skin. Be prepared and mix with caution.

Chocolate flavored e liquid

This easy yet wonderful stew can be made any time of year. The meat can be omitted without compromising the dish.

Banana Nut Bread E Liquid

Very bready/cookie like with a delicious baked banana flavor. The nuts pair excellently with HS banana and adding just a bit of LA banana cream just slightly sweetens the banana and the rest of the vape. This definitely needs about a week to fully come together but if you are looking for something that is not creamy/super fruity try this one.


Very tasty juice! Made a 120Ml bottle recently and already out. Time to make another batch! Thanks for the recipe!

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