Quick-Start Flavor Matrix


Category # of Drops Comments/Notes
Coffee/by the cup
Regular or Decaf
3 Drops / 6oz cup
4 Drops / 8oz cup
Coffee / by the pot
Regular or Decaf
13 drops / 4 cup pot Add drops directly to grinds in basket prior to brewing.
Standard Black Tea 3 Drops / 6oz cup
4 Drops / 8oz cup
Diet Coke/Pepsi 5 drops / 12oz can
7-8 drops/500ml bottle
Martinis 4 Drops per glass
Hot Chocolate 5 drops per cup – Raspberry
7 drops per cup – Marshmallow
Pudding (fat-free or regular) 7 Drops per box Regular size box, we use it in MyTfine product, but any pudding will work with same ratio.


Category # of Drops Comments/Notes
Buttercream icing 5 drops per cup of icing
Cool Whip
(sugar-free or regular)
15 drops per container whisk flavor into Cool Whip
(sugar or sugar free, 4oz)
5 drops Stir, let sit for 2-3 minutes
Pillsbury Biscuits (regular) 3 drops per biscuit knead Flavor Drops into each biscuit
Pillsbury refrigerated
cookie dough
2 drops per cookie knead Flavor Drops into individual cookie dough


Category # of Drops Comments/Notes
New LifeStyle Chocolate Shake 7 Drops Let sit for a few minutes, depending on thickness of shake.
Medifast Chocolate Pudding 10 Drops Let sit for 2-3 minutes
Medifast Orange Shake 7 Drops Let sit for 2-3 minutes.
Medifast Oatmeal 10 Drops
Slim Fast shakes 6 drops per 8oz can Let sit for 4-5 minutes

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