Nasty Juice Fat Boy Review

Nasty Juice Fat Boy is another mango creation brought to you by the madmen behind Nasty Juice. 

Nasty Juice Fat Boy tastes of a mango mixed with a tropical fruit blend. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact fruits that they use in this blend but we think it could be some type of passionfruit. We can taste the clear mango flavors – it has a creamy softness with a deep, golden mango flavor. But what truly amazes us is the tropical (perhaps passionfruit) taste that really gets our tongues wagging. Nasty Juice Fat Boy is a very self-indulgent flavor that suits the type of weekend where you’re sitting back, playing video games, watching sports or any other relaxing, caveman-like activity. It is not the type of flavor to admire at its superior class or sophistication, it is a flavor for amusement, for loosening-up and for playful recreation. To add to the loose, relaxed mood that this mango creation brings, Nasty have quite cleverly added their signature bubbly soda pop recipe to the blend. This clever trick will actually deceive your brain into thinking that you are actually drinking a soda pop. You can expect a fizzle and bubbly sensation on the surface of your tongue that follows the audible popping sounds you typically hear from the airways from most vape devices. This party trick is quite a cool effect and a highly original one. Being semi sweet and tangy at the same time ensures that you don’t get any drippy sweetness leaking out from the corner of your mouth. Also featuring a subtle low mint level makes this a dream to vape and will easily please the tongue of many vapers out there.

Nasty Juice Fat Boy can be purchased from Punk Juice Vape Store. Punk Juice Vape Store is located in Malaysia and provides a 7 day delivery express service to the USA via DHL Express. They stock many premium Malaysian brands at reasonable prices. Nasty Juice Fat Boy costs USD15.00 for a 60ml bottle. Use code CASH10 for a USD10 discount on your first purchase (USD50 minimum spending applies).

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By Kwao Saa
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