Making the Electronic Cigarette Menthol Choice

Many years ago, it was socially acceptable for smokers to have a cigarette just about anywhere. The movies, the office, airplanes, and even hospitals all had smoking sections and welcomed smokers and nonsmokers alike. In present times, however, smoking is very frowned-upon anywhere besides the smoker’s own home or vehicle.

People who wish to smoke are asked to stand outside in the cold, rain, and heat so they do not pollute the inside air for those who do not wish to be around it. Therefore, many people are turning to electronic cigarettes to negate these effects, and now even menthol smokers can enjoy the benefits of e-cigarettes with electronic cigarette menthol cartridges.

Electronic cigarettes with the electronic cigarette menthol cartridges give the smoker the same satisfied feeling as regular cigarettes. They work by heating up fluid that has nicotine and tobacco flavoring in it to create a vapor that is inhaled instead of smoke from burning tobacco leaves. They give the smoker a feeling of satisfaction because they actually offer nicotine as well as the feeling of inhaling cigarette smoke, but they have no smell and give off no smoke.

There are also benefits to others when you choose to smoke electronic cigarettes, and even electronic cigarette menthol flavored cartridges. Since there is no smoke, there is no second-hand smoke to pass on to family, friends, coworkers, or strangers. You will no longer have to stand outside in the inclement weather in order to satisfy your craving for a cigarette.

The lack of second-hand smoke makes the electronic cigarette a much safer choice for smoking around other people. They can be enjoyed inside of buildings where traditional cigarettes are banned, and they can be smoked around people who are sensitive to smoke; even children are safe from second-hand smoke when you use electronic cigarettes.

Many people who smoke complain about the smell that cigarette smoke leaves on their clothing, hair, homes, cars, and anywhere else they choose to smoke.

While cigarette smoking can be pleasurable for some, I do not believe anyone, smoker or not would disagree with me when I say that cigarette smoke stinks! However, this is also usually not enough to push smokers over the edge and make them stop. If you smoke menthol cigarettes, keep in mind you can buy electronic cigarette menthol cartridges too!

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