Fruity Flavors

Fruity e-juice flavors are those that resemble your favorite fruits. Think apples, oranges, etc. My favorite e-juice brand, V2 Cigs, does not specialize too heavily in fruity flavors. The only ones they offer are grape and cherry, both of which I have not tried.

Fruity flavors are a niche flavor that only certain people like. My experience leads me to believe that most tobacco cigarette smokers don’t really care for it. They want a strong and tough flavor that reminds them of their favorite brand of cigarette.

If you are looking for really good fruity flavors – think apple, banana, peach, pear, pomegranate, pina colada, raspberry, strawberry, tropical guava, watermelon, orange, mango, lemon zest, blueberry – then I recommend you try VaporFi. Otherwise, look here to learn more about V2’s flavors.

As a reminder, it offers grape and cherry. I recommend you choose this brand regardless of the limited options. Why? Its e-juice is the best, and its flavors happen to be divine. I have tried a lot of e-juice over the years, and I found most of them to be very disappointing. They lack flavor, they don’t produce enough vapor, etc.

Anyway. I think the best e-juice flavor is tobacco, but if you feel differently, then try a fruity flavor. You can get them in quantities of 25mL and 50mL. Furthermore, they are priced fairly and available with many discounts.

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