Exclusive Premium Reflections Vapor Flavors

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Aloha Punch: Fruit Punch and Energy Drink, sure to wake up your taste buds!

∗Americana: My top selling tobacco blend, Reminiscent of Marlboro.

Apeberries: Green Apple and Blueberries, no monkey business!

Apple Pie: Fresh Baked, made from scratch deliciousness!

∗Awesome Sauce: Rich, Creamy, Enigmatic. Ever changing, always delicious!

Banana Nut Bread: Just like Grandma makes!

Black Velvet: A smooth creamy Brandy infused tobacco blend.

∗Blubonic: Fresh Blueberries, stirred in Honeysuckle Nectar, Drizzled over Decadent White Cake

∗Blue Moon: Blueberry, Apple and Banana smoothie. Top Seller!

Chai Town: Reflections Vapor’s take on Chai Tea. A nice relaxing Vape, full of flavor.

Cherry Cavendish: America’s favorite pipe tobacco, now in vapor!

Cherry Chee: Cherry and Litchee, a Bright and refreshing Cherry Vape.

Cherry Cola: Don’t think Cherry Coke, think Sonic’s Cherry Cola. Crazy Good!

Cherry Limeade: Fresh squeezed lime with Sprite and Cherry. A refreshing all day vape!

Copa Cabana: Fruit Punch and Banana. Reminiscent of a fresh beach drink, Delish!

Cuties: Fresh squeezed tangerine

Dr. Vapor: My best impression of the 23 flavors America loves. Dr.Pepper.

∗Fire ‘n’ Ice: Cinnamon and Menthol. Fire on the inhale Icy on the exhale! A top seller!

∗Forbidden Nectar: Peach and Papaya blended to perfection. A top seller!

Frosty the Vapeman: A nice sweet menthol tobacco. Kool and Camel menthol smokers like this vape!

Fruit Stripe: You’ll be seeing the zebra striped wrapper from childhood after a vape of this!

Gummi Bears: Tastes like a vaping a mouthful of my favorite chewy treat!

HO HO HO!: A perfect candy cane. Merry Christmas!

Irish Coffee: Dark roast coffee with Irish Cream and Irish whiskey perfect for winter nights.

Juicy Fruit: Just like the gum but the flavor doesn’t go away after two minutes!

Lemonade: Fresh Squeezed, refreshing lemonade. Also available Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry or Cherry Lemonade.

Malibu: A nice refreshing tropical Coconut rum!

Margarita: Fresh squeezed Lime, Tequila, Triple Sec, you can’t go wrong!

Melon-Choly: Watermelon, Honeydew, and Cantaloupe blended to perfection

∗Midnight Special: A sweet Carmel tobacco with the slightest hint of coconut. Fan Favorite!

Monster Energy: Just like popping open my favorite energy drink!

Muffin Top: The best tasting Blueberry Muffin Vape you’ve ever had!

Nanner Puddin: Just like Grandma makes. Complete with Nilla Wafers!

RV4: Reflections own personal take on the ever popular RY4 flavor profile

Schnozberry: The schnozberries taste like schnozberries! Willy Wonka would be proud!

Skippy: Rich and Creamy Peanut Butter. Don’t worry it wont stick to the roof of your mouth!

Skittles: Taste the Rainbow!

Snickerdoodles: An old time favorite cookie you can vape!

∗Strawbereal: Sweetened crushed strawberries, laid atop frosted flakey cereal, all topped off with rich, creamy, milk!

∗Strawberry Milk: Fresh Sliced Strawberries Blended in Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sub-Zero: Colder than cold. Reflection’s strongest menthol blend. Newport lovers rejoice!

∗Sunrise Smoothie: Banana, Orange, Strawberries, and Cream! Reflections best seller!

Sweet Tart: Need I say more?

Tobac Latakia: Dark, Robust Flue Cured Syrian leaf. Flavoring extracted from real Latakia tobacco leaves

NEW: Tucan Sam: Like a freshly poured bowl of your favorite Tucan’s cereal. Vape those fruit loops!

Vic’s Blend: A custom sweet and smokey pipe tobacco blend.

Watermelon: Fresh watermelon, no seeds!

Watermelon Crawl: Like chewing a watermelon-licious piece of gum from your childhood!

Wild Blue: Fresh Wild Blueberries!

NEW: YOLO: Fresh Strawberries…. Sweet Creamy Yogurt…. All of the Pleasure… None of the Guilt. After All… You Only Live Once!


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