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Not all products are made the same!
At Capella Flavors our flavor drops are natural concentrates made to enhance the flavors of bland and tasteless foods and beverages. All you have to do to create fantastic flavors is add the recommended amount of our flavor drops to your food or drink. Everyone’s taste buds are different, so if you’re unsatisfied with the flavor after adding ejuice clones flavor drops, then feel free to add more until you have reached your personal standard of taste perfection.

There is no need to worry about extra calories when adding additional drops of flavor because, all of our products are made from sources that contain no fats, carbs, or sweeteners. While we don’t specifically sell homeopathic HCG drops, our flavor drops can be used to add flavor to this otherwise bland diet. If you are really concerned with your weight, try our product in addition to your homeopathic HCG drops for a great taste with all the same benefits.

Follow these easy steps to finding your optimal flavor level.

Prepare your beverage/food (UNFLAVORED).

Portion your beverage/food to a 1(one) ounce cup.

Add 1 drop of Flavor Drops to your 1 ounce cup, stir well.

Taste. If additional flavor is desired, start with a fresh 1 ounce sample, adding 1 additional drop to the new flavor test.

Once desired flavor level is achieved, just simply multiply the # of drops you enjoyed per ounce times your full beverage/food size in ounces.  For Example, if you enjoy 2-drops per ounce.  And you are making an 8oz beverage; just add 8×2=16 drops. 
This is your Flavor-Zone for this beverage.
Quick Measuring Scale:
1/8 Teaspoon = approx 20 Drops
1/4 Teaspoon = approx 40 Drops

Flavoring a Canned Slim-Fast shake requires 1 extra drop per ounce than the Powdered Slim-Fast shake mix. What we have found is for thicker beverages such as Diet/Protein Shakes, Smoothies, Yogurt, Pudding, Oatmeal and others, it’s 100% effective to find your particular Flavor-Zone before flavoring.

Medifast 55 French Vanilla Shake :

  1. Prepare shake as directed (we used 8 oz. of water)
  2. Pour 1 oz. of the prepared shake into a glass/container.
  3. Add 1 drop of Almond Joy Flavor Drops.
  4. Taste. For us 2 drops per 1 ounce seemed to be the Flavor level we enjoyed.
  5. 8 oz shake X 2 drops per ounce = 16 Drops of Almond Joy.

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