Filling in the cracks …shifting from buying to DIY

Like most people I came to the awareness that creating my own liquids to vape was a lot more economical than purchasing expensive, albeit tasty and flavorful, store bought and pre-made liquids.

This is the journal of my transition from consumer to creator.

Bottles. Measuring implements. Flavors. PG/VG liquids. Mathematics. Recipies. Nicotine … . Where do I begin?

Well. I’ll need something to combine and measure with.

I’ll need something to mix.

I’ll need to be able to measure everything; scale or beakers, and pipettes? Both?

What about flavors? I know what juices I want to make. But how much of the flavors should I buy? Is there an inexpensive place I can find flavors?

Where’s a good place to buy nicotine? By good I mean inexpensive, but not something sitting in someone’s dirty garage in the heat of summer like an Amway kit waiting to be fobbed off onto the next sucker.

There really are a lot of decisions to make. And in the end? Is it really cheaper to make my own rather than just purchase e-liquid from some manufacturer who has something on sale I’ve never tried?

This is an honest account of how I deal with these choices.

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By Eric
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