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Q. How many test’s can I get out of a single test kit?
A. It all depends on the strength of the eliquid, and the amount you use for each test, but around 30 on average per test solution bottle. You will use about 1.5ml of test solution for about every 24mg of NIC strength you are testing, if you test 1ml of eliquid at a time. So about 45 tests per bottle if only testing 24mg nicotine. If you are testing 36mg eliquid you will use about 2ml of test solution per test, which is about 30 tests per bottle. If you are testing 60mg eliquid you will use about 4ml of test solution per test, which is about 15 tests per bottle.

Q. How accurate is the test?
A. When done properly, the test is very accurate, normally within 1mg of actual strength. However most people, on average the results are going to be within +/- 2mg of actual strength. Most common errors that throw off the result are adding to much or to little eliquid to be tested, and not reading the yellow color change accurately.

Q. Can I test already mixed juices with flavoring already added?
A. For the most part yes. This test works best with a plain nicotine/PG/VG mixture. Some of the acids in certain flavors might skew results slightly, or make a test reading not possible. With colored ejuice, especially the typically yellow to yellow-brown liquids, bromothymol blue may appear green when it would be otherwise blue (yellow and blue makes green, remember that?), in this case, you might have to slow down and the green to yellow transition isn’t so easy as with a clear liquid. I have personally tested many already mixed juices and have yet to have one that gave results way off, but had read on some forums that it is possible that certain flavors can throw the results way off.

Q. I’m having a hard time with the ‘Yellow’ color change.
A. This is understandable, especially for the ‘first-timer’. Sometimes it can he hard to tell the difference between ‘yellow with a tint of green’ and ‘yellow’. As you do the test a couple times, it will become very clear when the change happens to all yellow. It really helps if you hold the cylinder up to a white paper background. Remember to, the color change might be harder to see, or really different if you are using colored juices. Again, once you do it a couple times, it will be clear to you. If you are color blind, and have a hard time seeing Blues/Greens/Yellows, well don’t know what to say, maybe the test won’t work so well.

Q. Can I use tap or filtered or boiled water instead of distilled water?
A. No, you shouldn’t. The key for this test to work accurately is the PH level. Its important for the PH of the water to be EXACTLY 7.0. The PH of public water sources varies greatly. If you know your water is exactly 7.0PH, then you can try it, but don’t blame me if the results are not accurate. Remember, distilled water is CHEEP. It can be picked up are almost any grocery store for like $1.50/gallon.

Q. What strength NIC juice can be tested?
A. I have personally tested 0 to 100mg strength NIC juice. With 0mg, the solution will turn yellow with the first drop of acid. 100mg works well to, although since over 5ml of acid is added, the solution gets very diluted and the blue and yellow colors become very dim and hard to see. Extra drops of blue can be added to make the colors stand out more without effecting the results. Your average Joe is never going to need to test higher than 100mg, but you can do it. Unless you are a professional, and have proper safety equipment, etc, you should NEVER handle NIC higher than 100mg.

Q. Can I use extra ‘Blue’ to see the color change better?
A. Yes, but not too much. The blue is really just a PH indicator, but does have some acidity to it. As the PH changes in the solution when adding the acid, the color changes from blue to yellow (goes from a base (i.e. the nicotine) to more acidic (i.e. the acid). You can add up to 12-14 drops of blue when testing high strength NIC juice. Adding extra blue when testing low or normal strength NIC juice is not recommended.

Q. Are the test chemicals dangerous?
A. Not really. See the Care/Caution/Cleanup section of the instructions for more details.