Examing What Goes Into A Typical DIY E Liquid Recipe

A Typical Recipe
To make about 9-10 ml (for a 10ml bottle – these can be bought online or at certain speciality shops):

4ml Nicotine juice (flavored or unflavored).

4ml Vegetable Glycerin (this is about 80 drops).

About 10-15 drops of LorAnn’s flavoring (or other concentrated flavoring).

Stir the ingredients so that they are well blended. Do not shake unless there is only a small amount of air in the container.
You may want to start off with 5-10 drops (not dropperfuls!) of flavoring first – you can always add more later. If the flavor is too strong, add more nicotine juice and VG in a 1-1 ratio.
Optionally, 4 drops of distilled water or Vodka / EverClear (a high alcohol content spirit) can be added – useful if the juice seems too thick (viscous).
The ideal thickness is a little thicker than water. If too thick, the juice will be slow to wick through the metal meshing – a problem if you take frequent puffs. If too thin, there is a greater chance of juice leakage, either from the cart or into or towards the battery (overfilling or over-dripping can also cause leaking). Too much water will also diminish the visible vapor.
Some weaker flavors may require more drops. Experiment with small quantities before mixing a large batch.
Flavors can be mixed, in various proportions, providing an almost limitless range of possibilities. For example, strawberry and peach, or coffee and vanilla.
Don’t forget to label your bottles; if you don’t, you will regret being lazy later on! Note the flavor, base (PG or VG) and nicotine strength.
Also make a note of your recipe; how many drops of flavoring were used in the end, for what overall volume. A recipe can be scaled up – to make twice as much, use twice as much of each part.
Some people report that the addition / use of a small amount of alcohol (ethanol) in the mix provides a greater ‘throat-hit’

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