eJuice Calculator – HOW TO

Interpreting the PG and VG % boxes and where to put what.

The first line is the unflavored Nicotine eLiquid. It can be purchased with a number of PG/VG based percentages and strengths. Three boxes are provided for that info.

If you use Nicotine already at your desired strength and do not want to cut it, enter the strength in the Nic Strength box and 0 in the Target box.

If you are mixing Zero Nic and flavors only, enter 0 in both the Nic Strength and Target Nic box.

The second line has a box for what Nicotine strength you would like your final result to be after adding all of your ingredients.

The third line (Amount to Make) is self-explanatory.

The fourth line (Water/Vodka/PGA) is also self-explanatory. I rarely use this. PGA is Pure Grain Alcohol

The fifth through the ninth line is for the flavoring you are adding. I rarely use more than 20% flavoring, mostly 12 to 20% and that depends on the potency of the flavoring. If you’re using more than 1 flavor, they should all add up to the percentage I mentioned. NOT 20% each but say 10% + 10% for two flavors.
NOTE: PG% and the VG%: most flavoring is PG based. In that case you would put 100% in the PG box. What you put in the PG or VG box is deducted from the amount of PG/VG you add which cuts the Nic down to the Target Strength.

There are only a couple of companies who do not use PG or VG so you can check the Flavor Zero PG/VG box on the Flavoring row.

Further down there is a Target PG and VG.

The PG% and VG% boxes are to change the final eJuice PG/VG out come. In other words, what you want your eJuice to be.

If you receive a warning pop up to add VG or PG that is because the calculator came up with a negative number. Adjustments will have to be made. Say you have a negative for PG, you will then make the PG% higher until it shows 0.

Save your recipe. You need to “File”, “Save” recipes. Recipes are saved with a “.rec” extension.

A “.dft” file is not a recipe format but rather a Default setting file. A Default file is when you open the EJMU calculator and your preferred settings will be automatically there.

Recipes should be saved in the folder in which the software was installed in.
Opening up recipes should be done via the software. “File”, “Open” and not by clicking on the files themselves.

Upon the Menu, “File”, “Save As Default”, you can now Save your settings as a default which will load your settings when the program first opens. You can create several default files by naming them whatever you like. Note: on startup, the Default.dft file will be called first. DO NOT use this to save recipes!

The button at the bottom which used to be “Rest” is now called “Get Default” will open a Dialog box to select a Default file that you saved.

You may find some recipes in a Forum listed in Percentages totaling 100%
This form of percentage does not tell you how much (how strong) to add to your recipe.

It’s easy using equal percentages but the calculator is more helpful when using unequal percentages.

Enter two known values to calculate the two remaining values.


When used with a voltage regulator, I would like to point out that your current/wattage may be limited to the maximum capability of what the regulator can output. So because the calculations say a particular value, that does not mean that you are actually getting the values shown. Check your regulators Spec Sheet.

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