E Liquid mixes

Let me start by giving you a warning. Mix and calculate up to 3 different nicotine strength levels easily and accurately. Strain and dilute with flavor and water. Enter the Purchase Price and Milliliters for each Ingredient in your E-Liquid Recipe.  Share with the world, and the world will share with you! If you Would Like to Save your Recipe, Just Bookmark this Page After Calculating your Recipe .

Always store any e-liquid supplies including nicotine locked away from children or pets in child proof bottles, and ensure all traces of e-liquid have been thoroughly washed off any tools used to make e-juice.

The ingredients call for 2 ml PG, 1 ml VG, 6 drops LorAnn English Toffee, 6 drops FA Cowboy, 1 drop FA Bilberry, 10 drops Ethyl Maltol/PG solution.  I consider it to still be in beta as there are more features, especially regarding the browsing of saved entries, that will be rolled out in coming months.  If you are adding nicotine solution to your batch you will need to use extreme care. No matter what your e-cigarette model is, enhance your vaping.  Place the mixture into a crock pot and cover, heat on warm or the lowest setting for 4-24 hours.

Eliquid mixes

Some people are chocolate fans and would like e-liquid recipes that give their e-cigarettes a chocolate flavoring. Flavoring – Arguably the best part of the process.  Pour the juice through a reusable gold coffee filter and strain the juice into a container, be sure to use something that can hold HOT liquid.  For a chocolate mint option, people only need to mix chocolate mint with 30% flavoring 5 ml, 8 mg/ml, 34 drops of PG or VG with nicotine in a 24 mg base, 36 drops of PG or VG without nicotine, 7 drops LorAnn flavor crème de menthe and 23 drops LorAnn flavor chocolate.  Inventing tasty flavoring is quite enjoyable. And be careful, the water will be hot. It is best to take off of boil and let the water cool for 15 mins or more before straining into the container. The taste resembles the York Peppermint Patty candy. Just remember that the flavorings cannot have any sugar in them.

This step is optional, but if you want to get the most from your tobacco, then you should do this step.  The last of these e-liquid recipes will be for fruit.  This again, screws up your atomizer. Set the liquid aside and place the tobacco back in the pot, add another 2 cups of water and repeat

E Liquid Recipe

The final thing you need is optional – Nicotine and herbs. Take the second batch of tobacco juice and add to the first. To create the flavor of caramel banana, only three ingredients are necessary. Some people actually boil the tobacco and herbs and strain them for added flavoring and the buzz. Make sure you strain again though the gold filter. The first is 15% TPA Banana Cream, the second is 10% TPA caramel candy and the third is Perfumer’s Apprentice TPA.
Now you have to measure all this stuff out. Now strain the combined batches of tobacco juice back into the pot and slow simmer boil down to about 1/4 a cup of liquid again.  For a banana split, the recipe begins with banana split 30% flavoring 3 ml.  To do so requires a little math. Make sure it is still liquid and not thick tar! If you cooked it down to tar, you need to try again.
It also contains 42 drops of PG or VG without nicotine, 6 drops LorAnn flavor banana cream, 4 drops LorAnn flavor strawberry, 4 drops LorAnn flavor chocolate and 3 drops LorAnn flavor Bavarian cream. Your e juice recipe will consist of the following . Strain one final time. There are also other helpful resources out there to assist you in the manufacturing of your e juice. At this point you should have a super tobacco juice concentrate water mixture.
 – 10% distilled water
 – 10% flavoring of your choice
 – 20% 24mg of commercial grade nicotine solution
 – 60% propylene Glycol PG or the Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Without Nicotine E Juice

 – 70% propylene Glycol PG or the Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
 – 15% distilled water
 – 15% the flavor of you choice

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