E-Cigarettes, its accessories, and nicotine can fall in to a ‘tobacco’ category that is a government regulated substance and can be subject to certain age restrictions, among other things, and can be restricted by PayPal/eBay and other places.

ejuiceclones.com DOES NOT SELL any e-cigarette’s accessories, or nicotine, or anything that can fall in a ‘tobacco’ category. ejuiceclones.com is a free website that provides informational instructions and videos to its users.

It does offer ‘everyday’ test chemical supplies and accessories that can be purchased from multiple places ‘over the counter’ with no restrictions, including eBay and PayPal.

ejuiceclones, or its creator, cannot be held responsible for any normal use or misuse of the products by the purchaser, or if the purchaser uses the products in such a way they were not intended for.