Common Misconception Of E-Cigarettes

With the ever-increasing the electronic cigarettes are receiving, people are stating some mistaken belief regarding the electronic cigarette. Many unscrupulous sellers carry out transactions without verifying age leading to the misconception that electronic cigarettes are made to be sold to young children. There are electronic cigarettes which are candy flavored making many critics argue that they are marketed to children specifically which is not true and malicious. The idea to introduce flavors like menthol and tobacco flavor are marketing strategies targeting adults not to children.

Another misconception is that electronic cigarette are banned which again is not true .The fact is there are anti-smoking groups lobbying for e-cigarettes to be banned who are yet and highly unlikely to succeed. Detractors too are trying to bank on the philosophy that if people are made to believe that the product is illegal, then maybe they won’t buy them.

Some critics are claiming not to have any idea of what is in the electronic cigarette. Each e-cigarette kit has information on what exactly what is being offered. Any purchase of ingredients is done from trusted manufacturers complete with lab reports to include a list of ingredients. Still there are those that claim not to know what is in the vapor. Studies have been done on the vapor and the results have been very positive. It is only water yet many still refuse to acknowledge that such testing has been done.

Another misplaced notion is that Electronic Cigarettes help quit smoking. Smoking is a habit that includes more than just the burning of the tobacco; it includes the hand to mouth, the inhalation, and the exhalation .E-cigarettes do only one thing removing the burning of tobacco. Smokers still discover that they can actually go from the normal cigarettes to electronic cigarettes and back to tobacco cigarettes very easily.

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