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Nasty Juice Fat Boy is another mango creation brought to you by the madmen behind Nasty Juice.  Nasty Juice Fat Boy tastes of a mango mixed with a tropical fruit blend. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact fruits that they use in this blend but we think it could be some type of passionfruit. […]

Stacking Chips is a delicious vape juice by Humble Juice Co. that will impress most vapers. This e-liquid has the flavors of creamy mint and chip ice cream. These flavors are of premium quality, and they are excellently blended. Stacking Chips is the kind of e-liquid that will leave a lasting impression on your taste […]

Ice Vape the Rainbow is an awesome e-juice. This vape juice is a combination of rainbow sorbet, menthol, and fruity candy flavor. This e-liquid will bring back some childhood memories. It has a well-balanced sweet and sour taste. You will not find many e-liquids on the market with candy and menthol flavor. You can vape […]

Mango High NicSalt by Humble X Flawless is a straight mango vape juice that leaves nothing to be desired. This can surely be your next all day vape, especially if you love mangoes. It is truly a delightful e-liquid. The flavor is authentic. Although Mango High NicSalt contains just one flavor, this is not an e-juice that […]

Berry Blow Doe by Humble Juice Co. is a vape juice with the flavor of ripe raspberries, blueberries, and a bubblegum lollipop. This is a high-quality e-juice. It tastes simply heavenly. The different flavors blend beautifully to give you a memorable vaping experience. Although this is a sweet candy vape juice, the flavor does not get […]

Broke Dick isn’t your normal e-juice company. I know only too well what it’s like to be truly broke and what it means to work hard. Broke Dick juice was born out of that grit, hard work and American ingenuity, knowing they could make better juice and do it cheaper. If you have tried any […]

Premium vape juice maker Cuttwood has a delicious fruit cereal e-juice that you’re going to love called Bird Brains. This e-liquid has the flavor of Fruit Loops cereal and milk. It will remind you of your favorite breakfast treat as a kid. Bird Brains is an all day vape. Although the flavor is rich, it […]

A Typical Recipe To make about 9-10 ml (for a 10ml bottle – these can be bought online or at certain speciality shops): 4ml Nicotine juice (flavored or unflavored). 4ml Vegetable Glycerin (this is about 80 drops). About 10-15 drops of LorAnn’s flavoring (or other concentrated flavoring).

Product Name: Organic Nicotine Solution Chemical Formula: C10H14N2 CAS#: 54-11-5 Color:  Clear to Pale Yellow Chemical Name: Nicotine

Minimum 99.7% purity USP grade Kosher certified Vegetable Glycerin suitable for use as a carrier base and dilutant for Wizard Labs organic Nicotine solutions.

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