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It’s really the Ruyan 4, but abbreviated to RY4, and the essense of the magical RY4 E Liquid is an amazing and delightful experience that words cannot accurately describe. This is truly something that you need to personally try to fall in love with. That’s right, this is one of those moments that will start a love relationship because it’s an experience you will want to keep repeating. It’s completely addicting!

The main attraction with the RY4 is its flavorful touch which is perfect for the holiday season. You get to enjoy tobacco blended in with vanilla and caramel. For cigarette lovers, dessert and coffee with your favorite smoke completes a meal or evening. So, combining the touch of dessert with your e-cigarette is not only practical, it’s the perfect diet! It’s sheer genius!

There is a story behind this concoction and it dates as far back as the 18th century. It was a time of discovery and experimentation, and this applied as well to desserts like ice cream, chocolate, and cakes. At one point, someone decided to eat chocolate with caramel filling, and follow it up with some vanilla ice cream. The combination of flavors burst through his senses and transported to dessert heaven. For people who love desserts, you know what this feels like. Soon, chocolate, vanilla and caramel became a well-loved dessert, regardless of the form it came in.

Not surprisingly, when electronic cigarettes shocked the tobacco world with its innovative design and selfless motives. Well, less than selfish, at the very least, electronic cigarette makers were designing the devices so that less tar and toxins were used.

Many of the electronic cigarette brands were touting their wide variety in flavors, but it was only when RY4 came out with its blend of tobacco, vanilla and caramel did it seemed to make sense to have flavors. This particular blend can even be used with other e-cigarette units, which means it’s not an exclusive flavor to the RY4. However, you should get the Freedom Smoke USA RY4 E liquid if you want to experience the best quality of this blend.

To describe this flavor briefly, it contains a slight nutty caramel with vanilla taste, not too strong to overwhelm the tobacco flavor which is the real reason for the e-cigarette. It isn’t sweet as candy, but neither is it bland. Even the vapor you will produce when you use your electronic cigarette will have a vanilla scent which is a far cry from the smoke smell you get from traditional cigarettes.

Freedom Smoke USA RY4 is being sold in bottles of 5, 10, 30, 60, and 120 ml; and the level of nicotine is also available in varying amounts like zero mg, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36 mg. The bottles each have their own dropper so you can refill your cartridges easily. At the same time, the RY4  bottles are child-proof to make sure your children will not be able to open them.

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