Best E-Juice Flavors For Your E-Cigarette

E-juice flavors are a dime a dozen. The same thing applies to manufacturers. There are hundreds of wholesale and direct e-juice manufacturers producing thousands of different flavors. It’s crazy!

Many E-Juice Flavors

It’s especially crazy if you are a new e-cigarette user. I know because I used to be one myself. It took me three years of testing out different manufacturers and flavors to find the best e-juice flavor for me.

My goal today is to help you find the best e-juice flavor for YOU. My goal is also to make some money. I am going to introduce you to the brand I use, and if perhaps you decide to buy from this brand, I’ll get a commission. Fair enough, right?

Before we get going, I want to define the primary types of e-juice flavors: tobacco flavors, fruity flavors, mixed flavors and custom flavors.

Tobacco Flavors

I think the best flavors happen to be tobacco ones, and I recommend them for all new e-cig users. I could be wrong, but I take it you like the way your favorite cigarette tastes? Marlboro Red? Marlboro Light? Camel Light? You keep buying the same cigarettes because you like their taste, right?

Tobacco flavors are those that best mimic the flavor of a regular tobacco cigarette. It’s not an exact replica by any means. Cigarettes are different than e-cigarettes, period.

You can learn more about tobacco flavors here.

Fruity Flavors

I hate fruity flavors, but my girlfriend likes them. They cover your basic fruits like orange, melon, apple, etc. I think they taste disgusting, but they are definitely the best flavors for those of you who like fruits. I personally don’t like fruits! I prefer vegetables.

You may learn more about fruity flavors here.

Mixed Flavors

This category covers all other types of flavors: chocolate, coffee, gum, etc. There are thousands upon thousands of flavors you have the option to choose from. Unless you are one of those people who like experimenting with flavors, I don’t recommend this.

Personally, I find mixed flavors to be very icky. I like my flavors tough and rough like real tobacco! But some people think they are the best flavors. It’s all quite subjective.

Learn more about mixed flavors here.

Custom Flavors

These are flavors that you yourself piece together. For instance, one company that I talk about on this website lets you mix up to three different flavors together into a completely unique and custom solution. It’s pretty wild and wacky, but some people enjoy experimenting with e-juice flavors.

If you’d like to know more about custom flavors, look here.


Next, I want to talk about my brand. I get my e-juice from V2 Cigs. Their e-juice is definitely more expensive than other brands. You can get cheaper stuff by just importing from China. I don’t recommend that option, though. Why?

Chinese e-juice is very sketchy and possibly harmful to your health.

Their flavors taste atrocious! It’s like using a fake iPhone, you know?

It’s always better to buy from US manufacturers!

Plus, V2 Cigs has the best flavors. The flavor I use, Congress, is the best e-juice flavor point blank for smokers of Marlboro Lights or Parliament Lights. I can’t really describe the flavor. It’s just perfect! And everybody who I have introduced it to has become an instant fan. Save for my girlfriend (rolling eyes).

Another reason I like this brand is because It sells juice in quantities up to 50mL:

Best E-Juice Bar None

One 50mL container lasts me two weeks. Keep in mind that I smoke all day long! And it only costs $29.95, but that’s without a discount. You can use my coupon code, , to lower it to $26.95. If you smoke as much as me, you’d therefore only be spending $50 a month. Woot, woot!

I really recommend this flavor. I have tried many over the years, and it’s simply the best flavor. It’s thick and viscous, it produces lots of vapor and it satiates my urges. Also, you can get it in different levels. I personally use 1.2% because I think 1.8% is too much.

Here’s a video of me enjoying my favorite flavor:

If you would like to try my favorite e-juice, click here.


So I have given you all the information you need to get started. I cannot guarantee you’ll like the e-juice flavor I use. Nor can I guarantee you’ll even like the brand. There are a lot out there, so it might take awhile for you to dig through and find the best flavors for YOU. The key lesson I have for you is this: buy US-only!

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